WaveBlock™ Pro

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Our patented WaveBlock™ protection stickers are laboratory-tested, proven to diffuse radiation and significantly reduce potential harmful effects from radiation exposure. Composed of high-quality, waterproof materials, WaveBlock™ has been laboratory tested by TÜV SÜD and RF Exposure Lab and field-tested under extreme conditions and high activity levels, while also crafted for easy peel and stick application. WaveBlock™ protection stickers are sold as a pair.

  • Significantly shields the head/brain from harmful EMF's
  • FCC Accredited LabTested
  • Easy to apply with no interference
  • Compatible with 3rd generation AirPod Pro 2

For each WaveBlock™ sticker purchased, the WaveBlock Angel Foundation donates a protective sticker to schools or organizations that work with kids. It’s our way of showing our commitment to protecting youth from harmful EMF’s.

** Earbuds not included **

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Customer Reviews

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Farmhouse Fitchick
Love Them

I love the stickers for my AirPod Pros. Since using them, I no longer get stabbing headache pains when using my AirPods. What a relief!

Amber Kuppert
5 stars for what I hope it is doing

I purchased these for my teenager who likes to use his air pods from time to time. I’ve hated seeing all the data/info on how bad they are for you so I purchased these trusting that it works and does what it says. I know nothing about EMF radiation so hopefully these are doing what they claim to do :)

Pete Marrero

Great for air-pod pro.

Sarah Ciccone
Pleasantly surprised!

I got these kind of thinking “I’m sure this is a waste of money.. how can stickers even make a real difference?” But I have to say, I’ve noticed a huge difference since I put them on my AirPods. After about 45 min of use, I typically get this light headed, fuzzy headache feeling- to the point that I had to take them out to feel relief.. that’s gone now with the waveblock stickers. Really impressed.

Laura Strassell

I love having the WaveBlock on my AirPod Pros, because I work out several times a week and feel protected al the time. I originally bought a pair last October and it started peeling off about a month ago. Fortunately, you all replaced my set without a hassle. This is GREAT customer service! I will always be a customer. On that note, do you know when you will have a WaveBlock sticker for the iPhone 14 Pro ? I just ordered one and I really wanted to get protected ASAP. I've never had one for my iPhone X, because I knew I was going to get a new phone soon. Was kind of waiting and watching to see when you would offer it, but I needed one sooner than I wanted. Please advise. Thank you so much.

Nicholas Robles
Perfect solution

Really wanted to get AirPods but couldn't justify it knowing what I do about the harm that EMFs can cause...enter this product and now a happy customer!

Rebecca Colucci

Recommend them.

excellent product

so glad to have this technology to protect us from these devices ......thanks so much ..........

Tammy Hauck

I have noticed an immediate change since using it! No more hand vibration when I hold my phone and I have more peace of mind, using the EarPods! I can tell a good difference in how my head, lymph nodes and ears feel now that I’m using the waveblock.

Angela DeLong
Great product

Great product and easily blend in.