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Can EMFs Affect Gut Health?

Scientists sometimes refer to our gut bacteria as our “second brain,” because we now know that without them, we couldn’t function. Many in the EMF community are aware of keeping cell phones away from the head, but we haven’t considered the impact as we sit and text, a few inches away from our stomach. 

WaveBlock has been highlighting the impact of EMFs on our bodies, and it’s important to address their impact on gut health. Research is discovering that EMF’s may be creating more pathogens that are antibiotic-resistant and may cause a reduction in the good bacteria in the gut. 

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study looked at how two bacteria, Listeria and E.coli, are affected by the radiation emitted from a common 2.4 GHz WiFi router and a GSM 900 MHz mobile phone. It found that if these bacteria are exposed to EMFs during a narrow exposure window, they may become resistant to antibiotics. This is concerning because the World Health Organization has declared antibiotic resistance one of the biggest threats to global health. As bacteria become more resistant, diseases become harder to treat, leading to longer hospital stays, higher medical costs, and increased mortality.

In addition, EMFs encourage the growth of bad bacteria. Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, found that cultures of beneficial bacteria grow slower in the presence of electromagnetic fields. This allows “bad” bacteria to take over. When the good and bad bacteria in our bodies become unbalanced due to EMF exposure, it can lead to health problems. Too much E.Coli in our gut can give us tummy troubles like diarrhea and fever, while too much Listeria can cause serious infections. 

While E. coli and Listeria are only a couple of the bacteria typically found in the gut, these findings suggest bacteria in general can be disturbed by EMFs. Disrupting the homeostatic bacterial balance in your gut does not bode well for your overall health.

Another study conducted by researchers at Baylor University looked at how bacteria respond to radio frequency (RF) EMFs. The researchers had laboratory strains of different bacteria exposed to EMFs, as well as samples from 4 different people with a variety of cell usage histories. The researchers concluded that “cell phone level RF-EMF disrupts human skin microbiota.”

As EMFs have been shown to make the blood-brain barrier leak neurotransmitters, it is easily surmised that it could be doing the same to your gut. Some EMF thought leaders, such as Jack Kruse consider EMFs as one of the primary causes of permeability or “leaky gut.” If this is true, it might mean that EMFs are accountable for food allergies and other autoimmune diseases – all of which can be exacerbated by leaky gut. 

Ways to Protect Yourself from EMFs and Leaky Gut

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WaveBlock recognizes that when considering EMF-related solutions – the best defense against them is a good offense. Here are a few ideas to consider: 

  • Limit device usage by reducing time spent. 
  • Put the device on “airplane mode.”
  • Keep your distance from devices, especially when sleeping. 
  • Use wired connections instead of Wi-Fi when possible. 

Consider credible EMF shielding productsWaveBlock is lab-tested with published results to give you comfort in knowing you’re protected.


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