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EMF’s aren’t Child’s Play!

We know that everything around us, including our bodies, is made up of tiny particles called atoms. These atoms have electric charges, some positive and some negative. When these charges get out of balance, it creates electricity. Pretty cool, right? Scientists found out that our bodies have a special material called magnetite, which reacts to magnetic fields. This means our bodies can sense and respond to things like the Earth's magnetic field. 

Now, think about all the gadgets your kids use every day, like smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, and laptop devices. They emit electromagnetic fields (EMF), which are a type of energy wave. Many researchers believe these waves are not in our best health, as they can interfere with our body's natural electrical functions.

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These EMFs carry information with them, like the words, pictures, and videos we see on our devices. And because of this, they can affect our bodies in different ways. That's why some researchers and scientists think we should be careful about how much we use our devices, especially since the use of this kind of energy has increased a lot in recent years.

Children’s bodies are more sensitive than adults. Their skulls are thinner, and their body systems are rapidly developing, which makes them more vulnerable to EMF exposure. Devra Davis  of the Environmental Health Trust reminds us that this information is scientifically accepted. She also led research confirming that children’s skulls are thinner and the tissues of a child’s head absorb significantly more energy than those in an adult's head. 

image of little girl with her chin on her folded hands on a table. Two hands are holding cell phones to the left and right of her head showing how much radiation is coming off of the phones into her head

A picture from the mid-90s shows how kids' brains absorb more of this radiation than adults do. It's because kids' skulls are thinner and still growing, so they don't block the radiation as much. Studies have shown that EMFs from cell phones penetrate a child’s brain much more than an adult. This is most likely because of the higher water content in children’s tissues. Since cells are splitting and growing during the maturation process, EMFs can do greater damage to kids and can create effects such as ADHD, autism, and obesity. 

Okay, so nowadays it's really hard to completely shield our kids from EMFs with the pervasive use of wireless technology. Even using daily household products can create exposure to EMFs. While it’s difficult to completely eliminate EMF exposure, WaveBlock addresses the energy waves from our devices that could cause health problems, especially in children. So, they recommend being mindful of how much we're exposed to those devices and considering their EMF reduction stickers. 

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It’s important for educated parents to realize that electronic devices with wireless technology may pose a danger to their young ones since their bodies are still maturing. 

Since EMFs are omnipresent today, consideration for limiting their exposure should be part of a healthy practice of care for our youth. Keep as much distance between the source of EMFs and the child as possible. Turn off Bluetooth settings or turn on “airplane” mode where possible. Do not let your child sleep near a device that is charging. And finally, look for EMF protectors that have published and verifiable lab results. 

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WaveBlock has published findings for its products, which include protection for earbuds, laptops, iPads and cell phones. Consider that the most vulnerable age group will need you to ensure their safety.

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