11 Ways to Reduce EMF Radiation in Your Home

11 Ways to Reduce EMF Radiation in Your Home

Here at WaveBlock™, we have made it our mission to help protect men, women, and children from harmful EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation. Our easy-to-use and fairly priced stickers are patented and lab-proven to help reduce EMF exposure coming off of some of our favorite wireless devices. 

In its natural forms, EMF can be found in radiofrequency, light, and magnetic fields. However, EMF radiation can also come in the form of power lines, X-ray machines, and much more.

Sources of EMF in our homes

In a highly technological world, there are more devices in our homes emitting radiation than ever before. Some examples include cell phones, televisions, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, and other wireless devices. While WaveBlock™ has products to help with EMF exposure from certain electronic devices, there are other things in your home that you may not know you’d want to protect yourself from. 

Here are 11 ways you can reduce EMF radiation exposure inside your home. 

1. Establish a safe sleeping environment: Make your bedroom a sanctuary. Do your best to keep your phone, computer, iPad, and other Bluetooth electronics out of your room. There is significant research to show that these devices can cause even more harm when being charged, which is what most people do in their bedrooms. Some people even keep their phones right under their pillows at night, which puts your head very close to radiation! Lessening your blue light exposure will also help you get a better night’s sleep. Take yourself back to the old days of traditional alarm clocks and avoid scrolling social media all night by keeping EMF emitting electronics out of the bedroom.

2. Keep Wi-Fi routers as far from humans as possible: The team at WaveBlock™ recommends that you keep your Wi-Fi router at least 10 feet from your couch, desk, bed, or anywhere else you regularly spend time. Wi-Fi routers can pose significant health risks. We aren’t telling you to completely ditch the router if you want it. However, most Wi-Fi routers can reach up to 150 feet, so there is no need for you to keep one super close to your living room or office.

3. Consider alternatives to Wi-Fi routers: If you want to ditch the Wi-Fi router, there are some options for you. 

a. There are low-EMF eco-routers on the market that you can try. 

b. You can also plug your router into an electrical outlet timer so that the router turns off at night when no one is using it. Why is that important? Because the Wi-Fi router will constantly be sending signals out when it is on, even if devices aren’t currently using the Wi-Fi network.

c. You can also opt for an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi altogether. This way, your devices are hardwired to the internet. You can also plug in an adapter to your ethernet so that devices like phones and tablets can be connected. A hardwired connection eliminates the EMF radiation from routers altogether.

4. Figure out if you have a smart meter and where it is: Smart meters are the newest utility consumption measurement devices for water, gas, and electricity. They are being installed in most homes and buildings. Smart meters may not be a known primary source of EMF, but there are still researched health risks. Some smart meters are installed along bedroom or living area walls. You can ask your utility company to switch your smart meter to a regular meter or you can make sure your smart meter isn’t near common living areas.

5. Make sure your TV is far from your couch or bed. Try to keep at least ten feet of space between you and your TV. This allows the EMF emissions from your television to be further away from your skin and organs. It also keeps you farther from blue light.

6. If you work from home, create a safe work-from-home setup: Wire up! Get a hardwired mouse, keyboard, speaker, and monitor rather than Bluetooth ones. If you want to use wireless earbuds, make sure you use our WaveBlock™ protective stickers while wearing them. As mentioned before, you can also use an ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi connection.

7. Turn
 off or disable your Bluetooth devices while you sleep: Using WaveBlock™ stickers for your AirPods, cellphone, laptop, or iPad is great for when you are using them during the day. But why keep those devices on at night if you aren’t even using them?

turn off bluetooth

Unplug any appliances you aren’t using: Think microwaves, toasters, chargers, etc. The fewer devices you have going, the less EMF exposure. It will also likely reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprint!

Use your electronics wisely: We know that it’s unrealistic to keep a tech-free home. We just advise that you do your best to use these devices safely. If you use a laptop, keep it off your lap! There is ample research to show that the heat from laptops can cause so many medical issues. If you are taking a call, use speakerphone. If you hate speakerphone, use wired headphones or use our WaveBlock™ stickers for your wireless earbuds or smartphones.

Don’t sleep on a metal coil mattress: Laying on coils is like laying on radiation antennas, because these mattresses or box springs have actual coils of metal inside of them. These coils can amplify the EMF coming off of any devices in your bedroom. Plus, because you are lying on those coils, that radiation amplification is going very close to your body.

Reduce dirty electricity: According to Behler Young, dirty electricity is the term for the spikes and surges of electromagnetic energy traveling along power lines and building wiring where only standard 50/60 Hertz AC electricity should be used. Dirty electricity is caused by devices that have to change or manipulate a standard electrical current in order to operate. Examples include fluorescent light bulbs, light dimmer switches, cordless phone systems, and much more. 

The team at WaveBlock™ is here to help you live a happy and modern life in the safest way possible. We don’t want you to become a caveman. We just want you to have an understanding of the dangers of EMF radiation and know how to protect yourself.

If you have any questions about our products, lab testing, patent, or anything else related to staying safe from EMF radiation, please contact our team. Stay safe!

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