What Exactly is 5G? Is it Dangerous?

What Exactly is 5G? Is it Dangerous?

We live in a constantly advancing technological world. The team at WaveBlock™ believes that can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. It’s wonderful that our smartphones and laptops can do so much for us and help us with so much. That’s why tech companies are constantly working on creating the latest and greatest updates to both our technology and the things we need to make that technology work. The downside is that many of us are glued to our smart devices because of that. 

Why is that a problem? Because those devices emit radiation - in the form of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) - in order to work. 

Here’s a little background on EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and radiation before we get into 5G:

photo showing the different sources of EMFs around the home.

As our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices get smarter, they need more bandwidth to work. More bandwidth means more EMFs. EMFs are invisible waves of energy caused by electromagnetic radiation being emitted. Did you know that your wireless earbuds, cell phone, laptop, iPad, and other favorite devices give off radiation in order to work? They quite literally couldn’t function without it. That’s why WaveBlock™ created our patented, lab-tested, and easy-to-use EMF protection stickers.

Back to 5G. 

Just like Apple comes out with the latest iPhone every-so-often, wireless technology is constantly growing and evolving. About every 10 years, mobile companies will release the newest generation (hence the ‘G’ in 5G) of wireless systems. Each one is better than the previous. We had 3G, then 4G, and then came 5G a few years ago. 5G boasts the ability to better support the rapidly increasing number of electronic devices and services around the world.

5G is used to transmit data between devices like cell phones and wireless earbuds. As mentioned before, as our phones get smarter, they need more bandwidth to work. That means higher levels of EMFs, which means higher radiation exposure. (You can read all about EMFs on WaveBlock's blog here.)

An image showing the way 5G works, like a map

The same goes for wireless communication. 5G can only function by producing electromagnetic radiation; and because it can do more than before, it uses higher levels of EMFs than previous iterations in order to work faster and more efficiently. This raises a red flag for the team at WaveBlock. Why? We know that 5G uses higher frequency to function, but its newness means that its overall safety has been largely unevaluated.

The invention of 5G has been praised for being transformative and life-changing. It promised economic and lifestyle benefits to the masses. However, there are certain studies aimed at proving that this upgrade may not be great for human health. 

However, just like there are mixed opinions on whether the EMFs emitted by cell phones and other Bluetooth devices can be harmful to humans, there are differing views on whether 5G can be harmful to humans as well. The biggest concerns are:

  1. Allegations that telecommunications regulators haven’t based their EMF safety policies on the latest and greatest technology (meaning the safety precautions are around devices that emit far less radiation)
  2. There is a lack of overall clarity around what technology is included in 5G as people start to research the potential harmful effects of the EMFs from 5G towers and devices on humans
  3. There are very few epidemiological studies on the impact on human health from 5G EMF exposure

According to Healthline, the frequencies (bandwidth) needed for 5G can range from 3.5 GHz to up to several tens of GHz. Prior to its release, these high numbers were not used in mobile networks. Healthline also says that 5G uses a method called "beamforming,” which sends data directly to devices rather than sending signals in all directions like before. This puts you in contact with the high levels of radiation that WaveBlock™ helps consumers avoid.

So, can the WaveBlock™ team confidently say that 5G is a problem? No. But that in itself is a problem. Wireless companies released this massively supercharged technology without even doing research on whether it is safe or not for humans. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a real answer or more research?

Professor John Williams Frank from the University of Edinburgh urges consumers to take caution until more studies are done. What he does know is that the transmitter density required for 5G to work means that more people will be exposed to EMFs than current evidence suggests. You would think that there’s a legitimate argument for more adequate scientific investigation given its suspected adverse effects.

Sadly, there isn’t much demand for this research, despite the rapid deployment of 5G. The reason for the rapid send off was purely economic and convenience based rather than thinking thoroughly about safety or long-term effects.

To recap, there are several studies linking the EMFs emitted by phones and other Bluetooth devices to health issues like cancer, reproductive issues, cellular damage, and tissue damage. In fact, the research around how wireless earbuds affect children’s brains is why WaveBlock™ was started. Our products disperse the radiation coming off your devices away from you in order to use your technology more safely.

picture of women, dogs, and children holding up different devices showcasing WaveBlock stickers on the back. iProtect, SamBlock, iBlock, WaveBlock Pro

If 5G needs high levels of radiation to work, being close to a 5G tower or using a 5G device could be cause for concern. In fact, in 2017, doctors and scientists in the EU launched a petition trying to stop 5G rollouts due to health risks.

Forbes also reminds us that government-approved rules (think CDC) on allowed amounts of radiation exposure from technology were developed before the 2000s. It’s safe to say the cell phones used in the 1990s weren’t nearly as powerful, and therefore emitting far less radiation, back then. Forbes says that more than 3,500 physicians have united against 5G.

What are tech companies and government-safety groups potentially hiding from us? 

Our research about EMFs has been incredibly enlightening. We encourage you to browse the WaveBlock™ website to learn more about our lab research and what you can do to protect yourself from radiation. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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