Air Tubes vs EMF Protection Stickers: How to choose the right EMF

Air Tubes vs EMF Protection Stickers

Beware of these Air Tubes and Headphone Stickers. Can you spot a fake?

With the awareness of EMF radiation on the rise, such as Europe's ban of the iPhone 12, many companies are looking for a quick way to make a buck on people looking to get protected from EMF radiation. At WaveBlock™ we believe in educating people on this topic and helping sort through the haze of questionable information and misleading promises out there.

Let’s start first with the most recent wave of Air Tube solutions. They claim to protect you better from EMF radiation waves than an AirPod or Android sticker. Channeling our inner Maury here, “You are NOT the best option.” In an effort to make sure we weren’t missing anything that could benefit you as a consumer of these products, we did some research.

Among our research of Air Tubes we found some very cheap solutions that can be masked into being sold as effective solutions. We recommend doing a search of the EMF protection stickers and EMF protection AirTubes that are being imported from China in bulk to be marked up, resold and passed off as EMF protection devices. If you find a sticker or device that looks uncannily like the one you are currently using or looking at buying, it’s possibly that you are not really protected from EMF radiation waves.

Here are some of the cheap stickers/air tubes that can be imported from China and around the world in bulk then resold to unknowing customers. Alibaba is one of the main sites this is done from but there are others out there.

emf free earbuds airtubes wireless earbuds wired headphones

We recommend you do your own research and make the decision for yourself so you can see what's out there.

Here are some popular sleight of hand tactics that they will try and sell:

  • Facing the sticker the wrong direction when testing on an EMF reader

  • Using equipment that is not best suited for the EMF radiation test

  • Masking the solution as organic, or good vibes. (Scientists have directly created a solution and WaveBlock has it)

  • Point Blank rigging their results.

At WaveBlock™ we make it our mission to protect as many people as we can from EMF Radiation waves. That includes potential products that will not help you, both foreign and domestic.

To get protected by our scientifically engineered, patented technology please visit your corresponding device category below:

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