7 ways EMF protection stickers are better than EMF protection phone cases

7 ways EMF protection stickers are better than EMF protection phone cases. 



The EMF protection world is flooded with so many different “solutions” that it’s become difficult to determine which is the best solution to protect you, your family, and loved ones from the effects of EMF radiation. If you are looking for the best option, we are glad that you found yourself here at WaveBlock™. Our team has been working hard in the lab for years to create products that provide the best protection available in the world. 

The quick answer is: EMF protection stickers are the best solution to protect your handheld devices from EMF radiation. They are smaller, lighter, easy to apply, compatible with a range of devices and with WaveBlock’s scientifically patented and engineered stickers you can be assured that you are receiving the best EMF radiation protection possible. 

Understanding EMF Protection: 

While the research may still be accruing, EMF radiation has been linked to various health concerns, and it's crucial to acknowledge these risks. At this point in where we are at with Bluetooth electronics, EMF protection is not just a precautionary measure but rather a necessity in our modern lives. In this rapidly evolving digital age, being proactive about EMF protection is not only a smart decision, but a necessary decision to shield yourself and your loved ones from the harmful side effects of EMF radiation exposure. 

Now that you know to protect yourself, here are seven reasons why you should choose a sticker over a phone case.

Here are 7 ways why EMF stickers are better than EMF Phone Cases 

Reduced EMF Exposure: EMF protection stickers are designed to neutralize or block electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices, reducing your exposure to harmful EMF levels. 

Convenience: They are easy to apply and require no special installation or technical expertise. Simply stick them onto your devices. 

Universal Compatibility: WaveBlock™ EMF protection stickers are compatible with a wide range of electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more. 

Non-Intrusive: Unlike some other EMF protection products, stickers do not add bulk or weight to your devices. They are discreet and do not alter the device's appearance. 

Affordability: EMF protection stickers are often more budget-friendly. 

Peace of Mind: Using EMF protection stickers can provide a sense of security for individuals concerned about potential health risks associated with prolonged EMF exposure. 

No Maintenance: Once applied, EMF protection stickers require little to no maintenance. There are no batteries to replace or additional steps to take. 

Our WaveBlock™ stickers and a standard cell phone case serve two distinct functions when it comes to your mobile device. Unlike a regular cell phone case, a WaveBlock™ sticker is specifically designed to reduce radiation emitted from both the front and back of the phone without affecting the product's signal or battery life by simply applying the product to the back of your cell phone. This unique feature sets it apart, as no other technology on the market offers this dual-sided protection. 

Most cell phone cases are made with the purpose of protecting your phone from scratches and damage rather than protecting you. There are some cell phone cases on the market that are geared towards protecting from EMF radiation, but they don't offer the dual support that WaveBlock™ can. A typical cell phone case primarily shields only the back of the device. Additionally, many cases can inadvertently block antennas when closed, thus affecting the phone's signal strength. Therefore, the WaveBlock™ sticker offers a more comprehensive solution for those concerned about radiation exposure. Plus, since WaveBlock™ is just a thin sticker, you can still put any cell phone case of choice on top of your phone and still get all the benefits of using our products.

Among other reasons, you will be hard-pressed to find an EMF phone case that physically protects your valuable/expensive device properly while providing protection from EMF radiation. In other words, the EMF phone cases are only providing one solution instead of both. Instead, a WaveBlock™ sticker can go under any phone case you choose. 

Shop our EMF Stickers below and begin the journey to real protection, today. 

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