What is EMF Radiation?

What is EMF Radiation?


EMF is formed from electric and magnetic fields. Electric and magnetic fields join together as one field in most forms of radiation. The result is an electromagnetic field, otherwise known as EMF. Technically, EMF radiation has been around since the beginning of time. The sun sends out waves that emit EMFs (or radiation).

As technology started to progress in indoor lighting, power lines, and other electronic advances, scientists began to discover that those forms of energy were also emitting EMFs. Radiation exists across something called the electromagnetic spectrum. EMF ranges from very high-energy or “high-frequency” to very low-energy or “low-frequency.”

Nowadays, EMFs can be emitted by almost all of our electrical appliances. Anything from microwaves to X-rays to televisions and more. With electricity and new electronic appliances ever-present in our current world, being exposed to some form of radiation is more common than ever.

What are the different types of EMF Radiation?

The two main types of EMF Radiation are ionizing and non-ionizing.

Ionizing radiation is the “high-frequency” radiation we mentioned earlier. Ionizing EMF affects human cells at an atomic level. The radiation removes electrons from atoms by “ionizing” them. This is the most harmful type of radiation. It can cause intense health issues and harm because it damages a person’s DNA and cells. In addition, this type of radiation can lead to cancer or mutations. Exposure to ionizing radiation can come from X-rays, gamma rays, and some UV rays.

The type of radiation we deal with more often is non-ionizing (the “low-frequency” radiation). Non-ionizing EMFs are made up of low-to-mid-frequency radiation. There are both natural and unnatural occurrences of this type of radiation. An example of a natural EMF is the earth’s magnetic field. Unnatural forms include man-made things such as microwaves, Wi-Fi networks, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, hairdryers, televisions, metal detectors, MRIs, and more. Non-ionizing radiation can have an effect on the body with long bouts of exposure, but it is scientifically proven to be less dangerous than ionizing radiation.

Why is EMF radiation important?

Knowing when and how you are being exposed to EMF radiation is essential so that you can keep yourself and your children safe. By using Bluetooth devices like cell phones and wireless earbuds so close to your brain for long periods, you are slowly exposing yourself to EMF radiation – albeit a lower amount. However, low amounts of radiation in high volume are still not healthy. In other words, our favorite devices, like Apple AirPods, Skullcandy, or Beats wireless earbuds, are exposing us to non-ionizing radiation.

Adults and children use a plethora of electronic devices that emit EMF radiation, but few know the potential health risks of these gadgets. Unfortunately, several studies show that consistent use of these devices can damage several parts of your health.

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How to protect yourself from EMF radiation?

WaveBlock was created to help men, women, and children use their favorite Bluetooth devices more safely. Our easy-to-use stickers are just one way you can help protect yourself from EMF radiation emitted from cell phones and wireless earbuds. Our lab-tested stickers help reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to through a simple, one-time application. We understand that the Bluetooth technology we use every day is not something people want to give up, and we don’t want you to! WaveBlock is the only product with multiple FCC accredited lab reports and allows you to use these devices more safely. In addition to our patent-pending stickers, here are some other ways you can protect yourself from EMF radiation:

Try to limit the amount of time you use your cell phone and wireless earbuds. Even if you aren’t actively making a call or listening to music, your earbuds are still emitting EMF radiation. So make sure to turn yours off if you aren’t actively using them. 

-Text instead of call. Because your phone needs to use a stronger signal to create a phone call, there is less exposure from texting.

-Use speakerphone when making calls so that the EMF radiation coming off your phone isn’t so close to your skin and skull.

-Try only to make calls where there is strong reception. Your phone will have to create a stronger signal to try and find service if you have a poor connection, which increases the EMF radiation.