WaveBlock™ iBlock

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WaveBlock has created the first and only lab-tested and proven sticker for iPads that significantly reduce the potentially harmful effects of radiation exposure. Use your mini computer with greater confidence and protect your loved ones. It's as simple as applying the sticker to the back of your iPad and covering it with your case. At WaveBlock, we're committed to ongoing innovation and product development.

  • Significantly shields the body from EMF's

  •  Accredited FCC Lab Tested

  • Easy to use with your existing case

  • Sticker style may vary slightly from images

For each WaveBlock™ sticker purchased, the WaveBlock Angel Foundation donates a protective sticker to schools or organizations that work with kids. It’s our way of showing our commitment to protecting youth from harmful EMF’s.

** iPad & case not included. All warranties void if not covered with phone case**

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Lucky to have this!

I feel so much better knowing I am protected from EMF! It's crazy how people don't know about what it can do. I will only use my devices with WaveBlock stickers on!