WaveBlock EMF Radiation Protection for iPhone 12

How to Reduce EMF Exposure from Your iPhone 12

How to Reduce EMF Exposure from Your iPhone 12.

On September 12, France put a ban on all sales of the iPhone 12 after finding out the specific absorption rate (SAR) of the product well exceeds the limit set for the European Union. If you haven’t read our blog about it, the National Frequency Agency of France (ANFR), the organization that monitors electromagnetic wave exposure, found that the iPhone 12 emitted 4.0 more watts per kilogram of SAR than the 1.74 limit set by the institution. 

This once again opened up the conversation about the correlation between phone usage, EMF exposure, and the health risks to adults and children in regard to using cell phones.

Do you have an iPhone 12 and want to know how you can protect yourself from EMF dangers or how to block EMF radiation? This blog will give you several ways to do so.

First, let’s talk about EMFs (electromagnetic fields). What is EMF radiation? EMFs are invisible areas of energy, commonly known as radiation, associated with electrical power and both manmade and natural lighting. The electronic devices we have become so addicted to — such as cellphones, wireless earbuds, laptops, iPads and more — all emit radiation.

Most people have ignored these facts because they want to use their products and because there isn’t overwhelming research to show whether or not products, like cell phones, are truly dangerous. That’s because products that give off EMF exposure weren’t as prevalent until about a decade ago. However, there are studies dated all the way back to 1999, like this one from the National Toxicology Program, that found an increase in brain cancer from overexposure to cell phones. There is also increasing concern about EMF protection for kids after several studies found that children are more susceptible to radiation than adults are because of their differing anatomy.

How to reduce EMF radiation on your iPhone 12.

Now, with the ability to get a Wi-Fi signal just about anywhere, we are all being exposed on a more frequent basis. However, being several feet or yards away from a Wi-Fi router isn’t your biggest problem. One of the main culprits is our cell phones. We carry them with us daily. Press them to our cheeks. Put them in our pockets. Hold them in our hands. In this day and age, they are very close to us constantly. 

At WaveBlock™, we aren’t here to tell you to get rid of your electronic devices. They are incredibly useful and help us get through much of our day. Instead, we are here to provide EMF protection products so that you can use these electronics in a safer way. 

Aside from our products, of course, there are several other ways to practice EMF safety.

Here are 11 ways you can reduce EMF exposure from your iPhone 12:

  1. DISTANCE: Try your best to keep your phone away from your body. If you aren’t currently on a phone call, keep your phone as far away from you as possible.
  2. SLEEP: Do not sleep with your phone near your bed. Try to place it at least five feet from where you sleep and avoid using your iPhone 12 as an alarm, unless you’re willing to get up to turn it off.
  3. BODY AWARENESS: Do not put your phone in your pocket or your bra. This will bring EMF exposure even closer to the skin. If you MUST do so, turn the phone off or put it in Airplane Mode before doing so.
  4. CHILDREN: Keep your kids away from the phone as much as possible. If they are playing a game or watching a movie, turn off the Wi-Fi or turn on Airplane Mode to reduce radiation emissions. 
  5. SPEAKERPHONE: As you can deduce, the closer you are to your phone, the closer you are to EMF dangers. When taking calls, use speakerphone or use wired headphones to take a call.
  6. AVOID ADDITIONAL BLUETOOTH DEVICES: Your phone already uses Bluetooth technology to operate.This is problematic because the frequency from Bluetooth is similar to that of a microwave oven. If you use wireless earbuds, you are now putting a source of radiation directly into your ear, which is closer to your brain. Try using wired headphones instead. Or, if you’re committed to using wireless earbuds, we highly recommend looking into our EarProtect stickers.
  7. BEWARE WEAK SIGNAL: The FDA suggests avoiding making phone calls when the signal is weak. Your iPhone 12 has to use more power, and in turn emit more EMFs, when the signal is weak.
  8. TEXT OVER CALLING: Obviously, do not text while driving; but, using text messaging rather than calling requires less work from your phone and also gives you some distance from the device. 
  9. TURN AUTO UPDATES OFF: Cell phones emit radiation even when you are not actively using them, especially if you have apps that are automatically updating. Turn that feature off and power off your phone altogether when you can
  10. APP AWARENESS: As we mentioned, most apps update in the background. For this reason, the Environmental Health Trust suggests that you get rid of any apps you simply don’t use. 
  11. RIDE THE WAVE: Get our WaveBlock™ iProtect products! We have easy-to-use stickers that are lab-proven to reduce EMF exposure with a simple application. We have stickers available for iPhones dating all the way back to the iPhone 6 up to the current model. We also have stickers for Samsung products as well.

The conversation around cell phone usage and EMF dangers is not going away. France’s bold move put many countries on notice and people are starting to key into the lasting effects of EMF exposure. You are already doing the right thing by reading up on the subject and doing your research.

Step two is to do the work. You can use our above tips whether you have our stickers or not. Our job is to protect you while you use the products you love. The more you know, the better. Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions.