iPhone 12 banned in Europe due to EMF Radiation Levels

Do iPhones Really Emit Radiation? Find Out Why France Just Banned the iPhone 12

Why did France ban iphone 12's? Do iPhones Really Emit Radiation? Find Out Why France Just Banned the iPhone 12. 

There has long been debate about whether the EMF Radiation emitted by iPhones can really have an effect on human beings. Some say the radiation isn’t strong enough to truly do damage. However, several studies show otherwise. Moreover, the team at WaveBlock™ has done the research to know that those emissions have an even greater effect on children than adults

The current news cycle is bringing attention back to the concerns regarding health and cell phone usage. 

On September 12, 2023, France asked Apple to cease all sales of the iPhone 12 cellphones after finding that the SAR (specific absorption rate) of electromagnetic waves in those particular products exceeds the limit for the country. This news broke the same day that the iPhone 15 was revealed to consumers.

According to the FCC, SAR is the number used to measure how much radio frequency energy exposure the human body gets from any given source — in this case, a cell phone. Cell phones emit radiation by transmitting radiofrequency waves that create EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Although the non-ionizing radiation that comes from cell phones isn’t quite as dangerous as ionizing (think gamma rays or X-rays), non-ionizing radiation can still have lasting health effects on the body. 

The National Frequency Agency of France (ANFR), an organization that monitors electromagnetic wave exposure, found that the iPhone 12 has 5.74 watts per kilogram of SAR. That’s 1.74 over the 4.0 watts per kilogram limit set by the European Union for phones that people hold in their hands or pockets.

The Associated Press reported that Apple disagreed with the findings, but the ANFR said failure to “deploy all available means to put an end to the noncompliance” could result in a product recall. According to The Washington Post, Apple has two weeks to respond to the ANFR with a solution before a recall is required.

This decision by France could cause ripple effects all across Europe despite decades of competing scientific research about the risks of EMF dangers from cell phones. 

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iPhone 12 EMF Radiation

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