WaveBlock™ Pro

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Our innovative WaveBlock™ protection stickers are FCC accredited laboratory-tested, proven to diffuse radiation and significantly reduce potential harmful effects from radiation exposure. Composed of high-quality, waterproof materials, WaveBlock™ has been laboratory tested by TÜV SÜD and RF Exposure Lab and field-tested under extreme conditions and high activity levels, while also crafted for easy peel and stick application. WaveBlock™ protection stickers are sold as a pair.

  • Significantly shields the body from harmful EMF's
  • Accredited LabTested
  • Easy to apply
  • Compatible with 3rd generation AirPod Pro

For each WaveBlock™ sticker purchased, the WaveBlock Angel Foundation donates a protective sticker to schools or organizations that work with kids. It’s our way of showing our commitment to protecting youth from harmful EMF’s.

** Earbuds not included **

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Customer Reviews

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Ariel Avila
Best investment Ever!

Definitely worth it and very cheap 🙌🏼❤️ Thank you 🙏🏻

Lewis Kemper
If it really works it will be great

Since there is no way for me to test whether or not it really blocks the EMF’s, I just have to assume it is working and for that I am thankful!

Kristie Kull
Love these!

The Wave Block Pro are so easy to use and I feel so much safer wearing them! Before using them my head used to hurt but now I can wear my AirPods all the time with no issues.


WaveBlock™ Pro

Anthony Allure
Wires Retired!

Prior to blocking the waves I decided to absorb for research purposes, after much research. To my surprise the head sick feeling hit me quite quickly. After alleviation and WaveBlock application my Airpod experience is extraordinary! Immensely appreciated.

Melissa Sonners

We are loving this product so far! I feel so much more at ease knowing waveblock is helping to limit some exposure from our device. Thanks!

Stephane Schafeitel

Love these so much. I have an EMF reader and saw a noticeable drop in EMF readings after installing the WaveBlock Pro.

Demetrich Stokes
Excellent Product

I've watched videos on youtube on radiation and the effects it can have on the body . I feel confident knowing I purchased a high quality branded product with social proof that Im protecting my health .

Caleb Barnes
I tried to put them on my pros

I tried to put them on my pros But it makes it hard to pull out of my case I don’t like this maybe I’m installing it wrong I tried for an hour to get it installed I feel really bad because I got it this as a gift and I seem like I messed it up

Tiffany Lee

Peace of mind. 🙂