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Do EMF Protection Stickers Work? How to Ensure You’re Buying the Real Deal

Here at WaveBloc​​k™, we have put our blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of time into creating EMF radiation protection stickers that help you use your favorite electronic devices in a much safer way. Through hours of trial-and-error prototypes, lab testing, and research, we have been able to make simple and affordable stickers that help reduce your exposure to radiation from wireless earbuds, cell phones, iPads, and more. 

While there may be a lot of conflicting information on the internet, the reality is that as our electronic devices get smarter and more advanced, we are all being exposed to higher levels of radiation because this technology needs more power and bandwidth to work. 

That’s why WaveBloc​​k™ exists.

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The problem is that there are lots of products on the market that:

  • Claim to do things they can’t actually do
  • Aren’t backed by reliable lab research
  • Aren’t being tested at a high enough bandwidth to give you factual data
  • Are actually increasing your exposure to radiation by using materials other than plastic
  • Don’t work

When considering purchasing an EMF-reducing product (which is a wise choice!), it is essential that you make an informed purchase based on truthful information and actual science. Not all products out there are bad. However, in this blog post, we will tell you a variety of ways that some companies are taking advantage of consumers and trying to trick you into buying something that doesn’t actually help. 

Here's a video of us testing our products, as well as others on the market. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself and topics to consider:

  1. Where is your product being made?

WaveBloc​​k™ is a small, family-owned business that works hard to ensure high-quality standards and support local manufacturing. Our products are made, fulfilled, and tested entirely in the United States. A lot of fake or faulty products are made in factories in China that don’t use reliable materials.

  1. Where are you buying your products?

We live in a digital age where the majority of people are finding and buying products on social media. While social media can be a great way to discover and learn about new items, it’s not always the most trustworthy resource. Companies can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. The problem with this is that they can delete comments when scientists, doctors, or anyone else questions the efficacy of their products. Thankfully, places like Amazon have some people monitoring comments so that they can try and get rid of faulty products, but that doesn’t exist on most social media websites.

  1. Is the product you are choosing properly lab-tested and backed by reliable science? 

It is important to know that whatever you are purchasing is backed by FCC-accredited lab reports. The most reliable labs for EMF radiation products are Nemko and TuvSud. The Tuv Sud labs in San Diego, CA, have all tested our products. Our reports are easily accessible on our website and show full details of how we test our products. It is also imperative that the lab test any given brand's product on a device with an antenna, because testing the product alone will not show its true effectiveness.

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What do we mean by “properly” lab-tested? Great question. A lot of companies will trick you into thinking their product works well by testing it at incredibly low bandwidths. If the lab is not testing at relevant frequencies, like 2000 MHz to 5000 MHz, then you aren’t getting a true sense of whether the product works on modern-day devices. 

We have seen some companies test their products at around 800 MHz and show you “such incredible results!” If you don’t read the fine print, what you’re missing is that testing a product at that low of a frequency is essentially like testing an EMF radiation product against a walkie-talkie level of power or an old-timey cell phone. Current iPhones that likely operate in 5G are using way more bandwidth than that. So, it’s “excellent” that said company gets “great results,” but their lab reports aren’t telling you the whole truth. 

We don’t want you to get tricked by not reading the fine print. We have even seen some company owners use their own names, rather than an actual doctor or scientist, to sign off on research. However, you wouldn’t know that without reading through the lab reports, which is what they hope you won’t do!

  1. Is the company using patented technology?

WaveBlock™ is incredibly proud to be the only company in the world that has a patent to make products that reduce EMF exposure by breaking up the radiation and then dispersing it (see how it works here!). That patent has been granted to us and we also have several other patents pending. You can see our patent number on our website. 

Any other company that is claiming to do that is in violation of our patent. However, that isn’t even the biggest problem. Some products claim that they can block 100% of radiation. While that would be lovely, it is quite literally impossible! Bluetooth devices like cell phones, iPads, and earbuds need radiation to function. If a product truly removed 100% of radiation, it would render your device unusable. Our stickers take that radiation and disperse it away from the phone, removing a high percentage of the exposure. 

The other great thing about WaveBlock™ stickers is that we are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each sticker was engineered to work with the exact model of the device you are buying. We spent hours in the trial-and-error phase making sure that we reduced the radiation enough to protect you but still allowed your product to work. That is why our radiation reduction percentages slightly differ depending on the product you are buying. We offer that transparency clearly on both our product pages and in our research on our website.

Since the 1950s, patents related to EMF radiation have only shown people how to block radiation completely. We are the only company in the world that has patented how to reduce radiation.

WaveBlock patent. Why use WaveBlock? Real protection you can trust. Doesn't effect connectivity, quick and easy way to guard yourself, made in the USA with recognized labs.
  1. What material is the product you are buying made out of?

At WaveBlock™, our stickers are made entirely of plastic that is made in the USA. Other companies claim to reduce radiation with products made with metal or plastic that have metal shavings/dust. What those people don’t want you to know is that any product near or adhered to your device that has metal in it will always increase the amount of EMF radiation emitted by your device. That is science. Metal amplifies the antenna signal, which in turn increases exposure. Make sure you get a clear understanding of the materials of the products you are purchasing. 

  1. What is the company you are purchasing from claiming their product will do?

This is where it gets a little crazy. There are a lot of brands out there that have lofty and non-factual claims about what their products actually do and how they can “protect” you. For example, we have seen claims that products can neutralize all EMF waves in the air. Not possible. We have seen claims that stickers or credit card-like devices can change the pH levels in your body. While lowering the acid levels in your body can reduce inflammation that causes diseases such as cancer, where is the research or testing to prove these devices can actually reduce your pH levels? Has it been scientifically proven? You’d be surprised at some of the things we have seen on the internet.

At the end of the day, there is a need for EMF radiation-reducing products. There are some companies out there doing the hours of work to protect you, and there are others who are taking advantage of societal needs and selling faulty products hidden by a bunch of unreliable claims. 

When choosing your product, make sure you are looking for brands that are transparent, backed by credible lab reports that test at the right bandwidth, and use proven science. If you don’t, you may be buying something that is ineffective or potentially even more harmful than what you already have.

Our goal is to be as fair, transparent, and honest as humanly possible. Our founder started this company to help protect his kids who were using Bluetooth devices during COVID to participate in school. Since then, the goal has been to provide reliable, easy, and affordable products that help keep humans of all ages safe while using electronics. 

If you have any questions about our research, our products, or anything else, we would love to help explain the science to you. Feel free to contact our team at any time. We want you to make an informed purchase!

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