Our Founder’s Story

A Father’s Vision for Safer Tech

Meet the Mind Behind WaveBlock™

Every parent wants the best life for their children. The reality is that we can only take care of so much of their well being and protection. With the changing times, ushered in by the pandemic, kids were spending significantly more time using their personal electronic devices for connecting instead of in-person options. It seemed that everywhere you looked, young children were glued to their iPads, earbuds and cell phones. 

WaveBlock™ was founded in California by a concerned father with a desire to ensure the safety of his children and enhance the quality of life for everyday users of electronic devices, which emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's).

After learning of the potential negative impact on the brain, and how younger children are more susceptible, the goal was clear from the start. Our mission is to create products that reduce the footprint of harmful EMF's by dispersing radiation.

WaveBlock™ started with the Pro and Classic products, designed for wireless earbuds, and these easily-applied stickers have now grown to a family of products that also protect your cell phones and more! Most importantly, they protect YOU from harmful health issues. The ease of application, delivering safety and convenience are benchmarks of WaveBlock™.

Most importantly, you can trust the WaveBlock™ brand due to a penchant for FCC accredited laboratory testing with proven results shown on our website. As such, you can review with confidence knowing we show complete transparency! Not all EMF protection is created equal, and our patented technology is the prominent solution that has led to a loyal and impassioned following.

Why WaveBlock™?

Uncover the distinct qualities and advantages that elevate WaveBlock™ in EMF protection. This is crucial for comprehending the sophisticated technology and commitment to excellence that underpin our dedication to safety and efficacy.


WaveBlock Angel Foundation™

We extend our mission beyond products to include educational initiatives, charitable donations, and meaningful partnerships. Learn about our endeavors to make a tangible difference in public health and EMF awareness.