Why WaveBlock™?

Crafted by Real People, for the Real World

Did you know Wi-Fi is banned in nurseries and kindergartens across Europe due to the damages resulting from EMF activity?

EMFs are recognized as a health risk.

And the only line of defense for protecting our children and future generations is staying ahead of the curve. People everywhere are waking up to this awareness of EMF and needing products that enhance their healthy lifestyles. 

What is EMF?

Wireless devices constantly emit electric and magnetic fields, commonly known as EMFs. These EMFs are unseen energy zones, sometimes called radiation, associated with the use of electrical power and can occur naturally or be artificially generated.

The average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their cell phone and 3-4 hours a day with wireless earbuds.

WaveBlock™ makes your wireless device safer!

Since its inception, WaveBlock™ has been on a remarkable journey, evolving and expanding its reach in the world of EMF protection. From our initial focus on earbud protection to expanding into a comprehensive range of EMF solutions, our timeline highlights the key milestones in our mission to enhance digital safety.


Introduction of WaveBlock™ Classic Stickers for Earbuds

The year 2020 marked the beginning of our journey with the launch of the Classic stickers, specifically tailored for the latest wireless earbuds. This product aimed to address the growing concern over EMF exposure from personal audio devices.

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Debut of WaveBlock™ Pro Stickers

Later in 2020, WaveBlock™ expanded its range with the introduction of Pro stickers. These were designed for the earlier generations of wireless earbuds, acknowledging the diverse needs and preferences of users.

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Entry into iPhone Protection with iProtect Stickers

Building on the success of earbud stickers, WaveBlock™ launched the iProtect stickers for iPhones, marking its entry into the smartphone protection arena and diversifying its EMF protection solutions.

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Broadening to Tablets with iBlock Stickers for iPads

Continuing its innovation streak, WaveBlock™ introduced iBlock stickers for iPads, catering to the increased usage of tablets for various personal and professional activities.

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Expanding to Laptops with mBlock Stickers for MacBooks

In 2023, WaveBlock™ ventured into laptop protection, introducing mBlock stickers for MacBooks, thereby extending its EMF protection to a wider range of electronic devices.

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Embracing Android Users with samBlock for Samsung Phones

Also in 2023, WaveBlock™ addressed the needs of Android users by launching samBlock stickers for Samsung phones, demonstrating its commitment to providing comprehensive EMF protection solutions.

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We are all about protecting YOU and your friends and family from potential health concerns. WaveBlock's hallmark lies in the simplicity of application, offering you safety and convenience at every step.

What sets WaveBlock apart is the unwavering trust you have with our full transparency testing and hundreds of honest customer reviews experiencing better experiences with their tech. We have a strong commitment to FCC-accredited standardized laboratory testing, and you can readily access the proven results on our website.

When it comes to EMF protection, not all solutions are created equal. As you can see in the video below, WaveBlock's patented technology stands as the leading answer, garnering a dedicated and passionate following.

The Story Behind WaveBlock™

WaveBlock™ originated from a father's dedication to protect his children from EMF exposure, evolving into a comprehensive solution for safer electronic device usage.


WaveBlock Angel Foundation™

We extend our mission beyond products to include educational initiatives, charitable donations, and meaningful partnerships. Learn about our endeavors to make a tangible difference in public health and EMF awareness.


Join us on our mission to make technology healthier for everyone!