Installation & EMF's

Silently and seamlessly, you may not be able to see it. But rest assured there is a lot happening when you apply our stickers to your devices.

When you attach one of our WaveBlock™ stickers to your cellphone, for example, the sticker forces the EMF Radiation that is coming out of your phone to disperse into hundreds of fragments. You can’t see it, but this separation of the EMF significantly reduces the exposure from the back and front of your phone.

How? Think of it this way. The radiation coming out of your phone without WaveBlock is a strong clumped force — like what comes out of your garden hose when it’s on full blast. The full stream is going directly into your ears, cheeks, and head, which may be harmful over time to your body.

By attaching the WaveBlock sticker, you are essentially putting the hose on mist or a gentle spray. There is still water coming out, but not only is it less strong, but it’s also going in more directions to lessen the blow.

It’s that simple. One sticker, lessened amount and less intensity of radiation exposure from your cell phone.

Stickers compatible with PowerBeats Pro, AirPods Classics & Pro, iPhones, SkullCandy Indy, iPads + more makes and models coming soon.

Our engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure there is ZERO interference with the electronic operation of your earbuds.

Application of WaveBlock™ wraps is simple and easy to do, however to ensure installed properly, please follow the instruction guide included in your WaveBlock™ packaging. For easy reference, we have also posted step-by-step installation instructions on our website. WaveBlock™ stickers are designed only for the specific products and not any other models.

Click here for applications instructions

Your battery will NOT be affected by the stickers nor will your signal. All WaveBlock stickers are engineered and tested for each specific product and that's why we don't have a "one sticker fits all" mentality. Use the stickers with confidence!

Members of the Scientific Community have identified sufficient data that links exposure to EMF radiation directly to various health problems. In 2019, more than 250 scientists signed a petition calling for the International Public Health Organization to create stronger guidelines on use of wireless devices.

They are engineered to fit perfectly in any charging case.

We designed these with premium materials to deliver maximum durability and versatility. There are absolutely no ear sensitivities. You will not even know they are on.

WaveBlock™ iProtect stickers are reusable, and can be reapplied to your cell phone if a protective case is used. WaveBlock™ headphone protection (including AirPod and Skull Candy) cannot be reused.

WaveBlock™ wraps are very easy to remove. You can peel them off of your earbuds at any time, however if you attempt to re-apply, they may not adhere as securely a second time.

WaveBlock™ stickers have no expire date on their effectiveness. The greatest impact on their duration is how customers treat their earbuds. For instance, sticking the earbuds in your pockets will accumulate lint, and lessen their effectiveness. We've found that heavy users benefit from our 6 month replacement program. If the edges are starting to lift up, it's time to consider a reorder.

Classic & Pro

Classic is designed for Generation 1 & 2 wireless ear buds-- the longer stem earbuds, like the original AirPods.

Pro is designed for the Generation 3 wireless ear buds-- smaller stem earbuds, which is the newest model of Airpods.

It could be affected by oily hands during the original install, stuffing the earbuds in the pocket (absorbing lint) instead of storing them in their case or pulling the sticker off and repositioning it (stickers should only be applied once). Any of these three factors could cause the sticker to peel. WaveBlock™ recommends replacing your earbud stickers every 6 months for optimal appearance. Lifted stickers do not affect the functionality however; heavy users may want to order replacements for aesthetic reasons.

Please consider a WaveBlock™ gift card - available for purchase here.

99% of the time this is due to incorrect installation of the stickers. Please revisit our application page and review the instruction video and determine if the sticker was applied correctly. If the problem persists, please contact WaveBlock™.


There is often a 1 day lag time between delivery communication and actual delivery. Packages sometimes can also get misplaced or delivered to a neighbor due to the small and thin nature of the packaging. Please contact customer service at info@waveblock.com if your package does not show up within 7 days.

If you ordered the wrong size, please let us know and we will be happy to help make it right. We must process a return for an exchange and a 30% restocking fee will apply. We encourage you to double check the size and model of your devices.

Sure! If it’s within 24 hours and the package hasn’t shipped yet, you may do so by emailing us with your order number and new address toinfo@waveblock.com. We will do our best to get your shipping information updated before your order leaves our warehouse.

Yes, we do. Your order may take longer than expected for the Post Office to get your package to you, depending on where you are stationed.

We currently only ship to Canada for International shipping. More countries outside the United States will be added in the future as we expand our reach and attempt to reduce shipping costs.