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Installation & EMF's

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Silently and seamlessly, you may not be able to see it. But rest assured there is a lot happening when you apply our stickers to your devices.

When you attach one of our WaveBlock™ stickers to your cellphone, for example, the sticker forces the EMF Radiation that is coming out of your phone to disperse into hundreds of fragments. You can’t see it, but this separation of the EMF significantly reduces the exposure from the back and front of your phone.

How? Think of it this way. The radiation coming out of your phone without WaveBlock is a strong clumped force — like what comes out of your garden hose when it’s on full blast. The full stream is going directly into your ears, cheeks, and head, which may be harmful over time to your body.

By attaching the WaveBlock sticker, you are essentially putting the hose on mist or a gentle spray. There is still water coming out, but not only is it less strong, but it’s also going in more directions to lessen the blow.

It’s that simple. One sticker, lessened amount and less intensity of radiation exposure from your cell phone.

Stickers compatible with PowerBeats Pro, AirPods Classics & Pro, iPhones, SkullCandy Indy, iPads + more makes and models coming soon.

Application of WaveBlock™ wraps is simple and easy to do, however to ensure installed properly, please follow the instruction guide included in your WaveBlock™ packaging. For easy reference, we have also posted step-by-step installation instructions on our website. WaveBlock™ stickers are designed only for the specific products and not any other models.

Click here for applications instructions

Reduced headaches, reduced ringing in the ears and less brain fog have been common responses we've heard from happy customers.

There is mounting and alarming evidence that the use of Bluetooth headphones may, over time, be damaging to our health.

Below are several reasons why we might be concerned about over-exposure to Bluetooth technology:

1. Our Skin Acts Like a Sponge

Without a chord, in order for the two ear buds to “connect” they must pass signals directly through your head. Here’s the alarming part: Because our skin is like a sponge, it is absorbing electromagnetic radiation or EMF each time these signals are passed from side to side. The placement of wireless headphones and the length of time they are worn (sometimes for hours at a time), increases the levels of exposure to EMF radiation in your head.


2. What Do Studies Reveal?

 Studies are being conducted on how human skin acts as a sub-THz receiver and the health risks of absorbing EMF over time. Some government agencies have down-played these risks, but growing numbers of members of the global scientific community have called on the International Public Health Organization to establish more stringent guidelines on the use of wireless devices, including headphones.


3. What Does the Medical Research Say about EMF?

 The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, for one, has long-been studying the adverse biological health effects of EMF radiation on the body. Their research has documented cases of genetic damage, reproductive defects, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, cancer and other serious health concerns. Other studies have made a connection between EMF radiation and cellular breakdown and interference in cellular communication.


4. What About the Impact on Children?

Research on the impact of EMF radiation on children suggests that because children’s brains are smaller and thinner than adult brains, they are believed to be much more absorbent—in fact, as much as three times more absorbent. This means, for children, EMF exposure and risks are even higher.


5. EMF Radiation: Should You Be Concerned?

 Members of the Scientific Community think so. In 2019, more than 250 scientists signed a petition calling for the International Public Health Organization to create stronger guidelines on use of wireless devices. They believe they have sufficient data to link exposure to EMF to various health problems.


Members of the Scientific Community have identified sufficient data that links exposure to EMF radiation directly to various health problems. In 2019, more than 250 scientists signed a petition calling for the International Public Health Organization to create stronger guidelines on use of wireless devices.

Research on the impact of EMF radiation on children suggests that because children's brains are smaller and thinner than adult brains, they are believed to be much more absorbent - in fact, as much as three times more absorbent. This means that for children, EMF exposure and risks are even higher than adults.

Our engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure there is ZERO interference with the electronic operation of your earbuds.

Your battery will NOT be affected by the stickers nor will your signal. All WaveBlock stickers are engineered and tested for each specific product and that's why we don't have a "one sticker fits all" mentality. Use the stickers with confidence!

No, WaveBlock causes zero interference. You can continue using your wireless charger or magnet with ease. Watch a demonstration video here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CmfVl67vZIL/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

They are engineered to fit perfectly in any charging case.

Before installing, wipe down your earbuds with the provided alcohol pads. Once earbuds are clean, be sure to dry them thoroughly with the provided soft clean cloth.

After removing WaveBlock™, be sure to remove any residual adhesive. Adhesive can be removed with a clean cloth.

Home testing is much different than lab testing. WaveBlock tests all our products in controlled environments, with faraday cages, which are free of other devices. Your home readings can be affected with interference from wifi routers, cell phones, lap tops and modems. Any of these could affect the reading. Our labs are certified and free of outside interference.

About the product

Yes. WaveBlock™ technology and performance are verified in independent, FCC-certified third party labs. The labs we work with are the same labs that test mobile devices, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi for FCC regulatory compliance and we have complete transparency, sharing the results of lab testing on our website.

They are engineered to fit perfectly in any charging case.

We designed these with premium materials to deliver maximum durability and versatility. There are absolutely no ear sensitivities. You will not even know they are on.

WaveBlock™ iProtect stickers are reusable, and can be reapplied to your cell phone if a protective case is used. WaveBlock™ EarProtect, mBlock and iBlock stickers cannot be reused. WaveBlock takes EVERY DEVICE and studies how many antennas are present and the location of the antennas. Once we have that information, we engineered it per that design. To be effective, they must be designed to each specific device.

WaveBlock™ wraps are very easy to remove. You can peel them off of your earbuds at any time, however if you attempt to re-apply, they may not adhere as securely a second time. When replacing a sticker with a new one, make sure to remove old glue residue before reapplying with the alcohol wipe provided ONLY. Any other solutions or materials used on the surface, may result in the stickers to not stick. Please view our application instructions videos.

WaveBlock™ stickers have no expire date on their effectiveness. The greatest impact on their duration is how customers treat their earbuds. For instance, sticking the earbuds in your pockets will accumulate lint, and lessen their effectiveness. We've found that heavy users benefit from our 6 month replacement program. If the edges are starting to lift up, it's time to consider a reorder The average duration of WaveBlock earProtect EMF protection stickers is 3 months. The product will still be effective in EMF protection after that time, but peeling can occur because of the proximity to the ear and sweat, personal habits and environmental elements. To get the greatest wear, we suggest using alcohol cleaning wipes on the earbuds PRIOR to applying the stickers. Also, storing your earbuds in their case will help to minimize the stickers lifting or peeling. Lifting of the WaveBlock stickers may occur, due to the frequency of common usage. We offer a 3 or 6 month discounted replacement subscription service for heavy users.

Earbud Stickers

Classic is designed for Generation 1 & 2 wireless ear buds-- the longer stem earbuds, like the original AirPods.

Pro is designed for the Generation 3 wireless ear buds-- smaller stem earbuds, which is the newest model of Airpods.

It could be affected by oily hands during the original install, stuffing the earbuds in the pocket (absorbing lint) instead of storing them in their case or pulling the sticker off and repositioning it (stickers should only be applied once). Any of these three factors could cause the sticker to peel. WaveBlock™ recommends replacing your earbud stickers every 6 months for optimal appearance. Lifted stickers do not affect the functionality however; heavy users may want to order replacements for aesthetic reasons.

Please consider a WaveBlock™ gift card - available for purchase here.

99% of the time this is due to incorrect installation of the stickers. Please revisit our application page and review the instruction video and determine if the sticker was applied correctly. If the problem persists, please contact WaveBlock™.

Cell Phone, iPad and MacBook stickers

Cases ensure the WaveBlock™ product stays safely secured on the device and eliminates the chances of peeling or lifting. Cases are NOT mandatory and do not have any impact on whether our product works or not. It simply is a recommendation.

Wireless charging will not be affected by WaveBlock™ stickers.

Our products are custom designed and made to fit the model intended for. They have not been tested on every model or brand, therefore we do not recommend using them on other models than intended for. Results may vary due to placement and amount of antennas on the internal platform per device. We have done due diligence with testing ONLY on the models shown on our website.