10 FREE Ways to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone EMF Radiation

10 FREE Ways to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone EMF Radiation

Have you ever considered reading the fine print of your iPhone or Android manual? Did you know that within “Settings” on your iPhone (although they make it very hard to get to), there is a section under “Legal” where you can find out your device’s SAR limits and warnings about “RF exposure?” Probably not, and the team here at WaveBlock™ doesn’t blame you. The reality is that tech companies do this in the hopes that you won’t read them. 

For example, Apple has warned customers not to have their phones touch your face, especially when charging. Why? Because the harsh reality is that cell phones that use Bluetooth or WiFi (which is practically any of them made in the last 10+ years) emit EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation in order to work.

That’s right. Your precious cell phone uses EMF waves to communicate with cell phone towers, WiFi routers, and Bluetooth devices, exposing you to harmful radiation. That’s why our company, WaveBlock™ was created.

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When your phone is on—even when you’re not using it—it is sending signals to look for a carrier signal to connect with. The EMFs generated to do that put you in close contact with non-ionizing radiation

As our cell phones get smarter and more capable (think 5G, etc), they require more bandwidth, which increases your exposure. We are so busy checking our social media, sending emails, and making phone calls that we forget our phones are powerful machines. They have internal antennas that send and receive information in order to function at the highest level. However, most people don’t know this information because they can’t see it happening and because tech giants want you to keep buying their products.

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Research shows that long-term exposure to EMF radiation can cause a plethora of health issues, ranging from minor headaches to cancer. Some people may be more sensitive to EMF waves than others. The WaveBlock™ team encourages you to look into the symptoms of EMF sensitivity to see if that could be happening to you.

So, what can you do? Thankfully, as our devices get smarter, so do scientists and health-conscious entrepreneurs (like our WaveBlock™ founder!). Now that you know you are being exposed to harmful radiation, you can do more to protect yourself.

Here are 10 FREE ways to reduce your exposure to harmful EMF radiation given off by your cell phone!

  • Put the phone down! The easiest and best advice the WaveBlock™ team can give is to keep your distance from your cell phone, even when you aren’t using it. It’s nice to not be glued to your smartphone for your sanity, but it’s also better for EMF exposure to put your phone at least a foot from you when you’re not using it. You also might want to go for a walk or enjoy time with friends/family instead of being glued to your phone.
  • Be careful of signal searching. Your phone needs more power (aka emits more radiation) when it’s searching for better service. If your phone only has one or two bars, it’s likely working hard to get you more service. If you’re in an area with low service, keep your phone far away from you.
  • Keep your phone away from your face. When taking a phone call, do your best to use speakerphone. As mentioned above, even Apple recommends keeping your phone away from your face. It makes sense! When you are holding a device that emits radiation to your cheek, those EMFs are extremely close to your brain. If you can’t take a call on speakerphone, try to use plug-in headphones.
  • Text when you can. Making a phone call requires your phone to send signals back and forth, which we know by now requires more EMF. If you can’t use speakerphone, texting is always a great option! It doesn't require a continuous back-and-forth signal connection.
  • Turn off location services. A lot of the apps on your cell phone use a setting called Location Services. This is what allows your apps to update themselves, stay connected to the internet, use your location, etc. You can turn Location Services off for your apps in the Settings app of your iPhone. Fun tip! This will also help you save battery since your apps won’t constantly be updating.
  • Airplane mode on the ground. You don’t have to be in the air to use airplane mode. As mentioned, your phone is sending and receiving signals when on, even if you aren’t actively using it. When possible, switch your phone to airplane mode to prevent that from happening. You’ll also want to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth if you aren’t using those as well. 
  • Pocket protection. Don’t keep your phone in your pocket. If it’s sending signals or heating up that close to your pocket, your skin and body are very close to EMF exposure. This goes for sports bras and arm sleeves, too! The WaveBlock™ team suggests that you keep your phone in a briefcase, purse, or on one of those stylish cell phone straps. 
  • You don’t need to sleep with your phone. So many people keep their phones under their pillows or incredibly close to their faces. We highly recommend charging your phone overnight in another room. This will help you sleep better and reduce your exposure to radiation. An old-fashioned alarm clock will do the trick! If you must use your phone as an alarm clock, keep it as far away from you as possible, especially if you are charging overnight.
  • Avoid 5G when possible. As our phones get more powerful with inventions like 5G, they need more power (EMFs) to work. You can disable 5G on your phone so that it’s not connecting to 5G towers. 5G requires more powerful EMF waves to work effectively. 
  • Bluetooth earbuds expose you to radiation too. You may think that using wireless earbuds keeps your phone away from touching your cheek, which keeps you safer from EMFs. Unfortunately, those Bluetooth earbuds communicate by sending signals back and forth, too, which means they are emitting EMF very close to your brain. If you don’t have EMF protection stickers for your Bluetooth devices, we recommend using plug-in headphones.
  • BONUS TIP! Alright, this one may not be free, BUT, it does help to keep you safe from dangerous EMF radiation. Still want to use your wireless earbuds? Want to feel safe holding your phone in your hand? That’s why WaveBlock™ was created! Our easy-to-use and affordable stickers are lab-proven and patented to disperse the radiation emitted by your devices. WaveBlock™ stickers can’t completely block radiation. That’s because any company claiming to do that is lying. If you 100% block radiation, your cell phone or earbuds will not work. However, we can guarantee that we have worked tirelessly to reduce as much radiation as possible while keeping your devices usable.

  • We hope that these tips are helpful. In an ever-growing technological world, most people are just focused on keeping up with the trends. Very few people are clued into how these devices can cause harm. We aren’t here to tell you to go rogue and live in the woods. WaveBlock™ is here to help you use your favorite tech in a safer way.

    Have any questions about EMF radiation or our products? Feel free to contact our team!

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