WaveBlock™ iProtect

** Pre-order - Ships December 10**

WaveBlock has created the first and only lab-tested and proven sticker for cell phones that significantly reduces radiation exposure to the body. Carry your phone with greater confidence. It's as simple as applying the sticker to the back of your phone and covering it with your cell phone case

  • Significantly shields the body from harmful EMF's
  • Accredited Lab Tested
  • Easy to use with your existing phone case
  • Compatible with iPhone® 11,12 and 13
  • Designed to fit under your cell phone case

** iPhone & phone case not included **Discount applied when you add 2 to cart** All warranties void if not covered with cell phone case**


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Don’t Guess! Check your phone’s settings —>General—>About—>Model Name and make sure you select your current model.
If you mis-order and want an exchange, there is an additional restocking and handling fee.