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Are cell phones really safe from EMF radiation?


Are cell phones really safe from EMF radiation?

The case of Alan Marks. 


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It’s difficult to get definitive answers on cell phone safety, but there are plenty of questions. Besides, how could we even consider giving them up? And what’s the fine line between being overly cautious and the constant need for cell phones? In modern society we simply cannot live without cell phones. They’re a part of our lives, like it or not. And yet there are manufacturers warning labels to consider printed with the packaging of cell phones. iPhone instructions say when using the iPhone for calls - keep it at least 15mm or 5/8 inches away from the body. Blackberry says keep it away .98 inches or 25 mm away from the head or the pocket. 

The FCC requests a certain level of radiation per cell phone emitted and that those levels mean they’re safe. They require below 1.66 watts per kilogram of radiation.The type of radiation emitted is technically referred to as “non ionizing.” They’re like a microwave oven and the FCC isn’t convinced there’s a legitimate risk.  A study was conducted that delivered interesting findings, according to the size of the skull and the age of the person and it was determined that children are much more susceptible, due to their underdeveloped skulls. 

Dr Keith Black has been pioneering this information and studying the possible risk of cancer. He feels the public has a right to know if there’s a potential risk. His findings were at odds with largest study on cell phones and cancer, where there was little to no evidence of cell phones causing cancer. It’s important to note, however, that the appendix of the study showed that participants with cell phone usage of over 10 years showed double the rate of brain glioma - a type of tumor. Environmental factors take decades to see the effect and get a clear answer. So what about cell phone safety now? When will we actually get to start seeing wide scale effects of high cell phone usage? 


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Also, children have thinner skulls and the impact of the radiation can be much stronger. No studies have been done on children, although certain European countries have banned Wi-Fi in kindergartens and elementary education facilities. The European Environmental Agency has pushed for more studies over concern. There’s a recognition of the problem in FRANCE, FINLAND and ISRAEL, which have issued strong warnings. Children, toddlers and infants are especially affected with developing brains.  Cell phones are basically small 2-way microwave radios and should avoid contact with the brain and body.

Debra Davis has been studying and researching this topic for over 20 years. The National Institute of Health demonstrated that after 15 minutes of cell phone use, glucose metabolism in the brain is definitely affected. Could this worsen the presence of a brain tumor? The conclusion was that more studies need to be conducted. This is highly controversial. Many researchers say cell phones do not pose a risk.


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Brain cancer did not show up in Hiroshima until 40 years had passed. Has enough time actually passed for us to determine if cell phones are safe? The cell phone industry is very powerful with lobbying and is influential. Nobody wants to give up a cell phone. It’s an accumulating problem. EMF radiation has changed our exposure to radio frequency radiation that didn’t exist until recently. The amount of EMF radiation is much more present throughout society.  Direct microwave radiation is dangerous. That’s why we get warnings about holding the phone close to the body. At its worst, Debra believes this could be a global epidemic, and we’re poorly served by the notion that everything is fine and we don’t need to worry. Why doesn’t the FCC independently test cell phones for safety?

There have been no landmark legal cases in which a large settlement has been reached, but Alan Marks, a real estate agent, who frequently used his cell phone fought back when he got cancer in 2008. He got a malignant brain tumor (glioma) that was successfully extracted. Certain it was his cell phone use that caused it, Alan’s wife, Ellie, reached out to some specialists to determine the cause. She writes,  The research on glioma by oncologist and cancer epidemiologist Dr. Lennart Hardell at University Hospital in Örebro, Sweden (2009) seemed particularly relevant to what had happened to her husband. Dr. Hardell found "a consistent pattern of an association between mobile phone use and ipsilateral [on one side of the head] glioma and acoustic neuroma [a benign tumor of the hearing nerve] using ≥ 10-years latency period. According to Dr. Hardell, the heaviest users of cell phones have doubled the risk of brain tumors after a decade.”

Ellie also sent Alan’s medical and cell phone records to Dr Richter, head of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Medicine. His research calculates risk assessment of occupational exposure to radiation, including cell phones. Both he and Dr. Hardell determined that it was highly probable that given that the side of Alan’s head on which spoke using his cell phone showed up with glioma, cell phone use was the likely culprit.   

More information about this can be found here.


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Numerous experts have concluded that Radio Frequency products pose no risk. Ellie and Alan are urging lawmakers to put warnings directly on the phones, though it’s documented in the manuals. While the Markses maintain their position that cell phone usage caused the cancer, experts and safety organizations consistently disagree. They conclude that wireless devices that meet safety guidelines “pose no known health risk,” said John Walls, a spokesman for Cellular Telephone Industry Association. All cell phones sold in the US must meet the guidelines set by the FCC.

If cell phones do cause cancer, wouldn’t we be seeing a dramatic increase with the proliferation of usage?  Not necessarily because it takes time for cancers to develop - perhaps 20 -30 years. It's possible we haven’t had the time yet. Children’s thinner skulls make them more susceptible and there are simply no studies on children. Is radiation the same from texting as it is from speaking on the phone? No it isn’t - texting is much safer. The further away from the head, the better. 

Today there are new electronic devices added to the growing list of EMF concerns. Earbuds as well as cell phones are connected to the head and travel through the brain to communicate. Fortunately there is a growing interest in the private sector to address these concerns. WaveBlock has developed lab-tested solutions that significantly reduce the effects of EMF’s on the body and the brain. They publish case studies with complete transparency regarding the efficacy of their products. 

So if you are part of the growing populace that is concerned with EMF radiation and its affect on the body, consider texting instead of speaking, using wired headsets instead of bluetooth, keeping your phone at a distance, and WaveBlock products that significantly reduce EMF exposure. 

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