Do Airpods Emit EMF Radiation? All You Need to Know!

Do Airpods Emit EMF Radiation? All You Need to Know!


Do Apple AirPods emit EMF radiation? The short answer is yes.

Here is a quote from the director at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health, Joel Moskowitzis:

“‘We can’t say with certainty that these devices are dangerous but judging by the research carried out on similar radiation types, there’s a good reason to think this is going to be problematic in the long term.”

Apple AirPods or Apple AirPods Pro may look like sleek, simple wireless earbuds. However, they are quite complex. In order for them to work, they have to essentially function as mini computers. This incredible breakdown from iFixit shows you just how much goes into one tiny earbud. While they are an incredible invention, the reality is that in order to work and communicate with your device Apple AirPods do in fact emit small amounts of Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) radiation.

EMF waves are undetectable areas of energy that can also be referred to as radiation. There are two types of EMF exposure: non-ionizing (a lower level) and ionizing (a higher level). Apple AirPods, along with power lines, microwaves, cell phones, and WiFi routers, use non-ionizing radiation. While non-ionizing radiation is considered “safer” than ionizing, the lowered risk does not mean there is zero risk. 



Plus, with Apple AirPods you are putting yourself at increased risk because the device is going directly in your ear, putting it in direct contact with your skin and close to your brain. Your AirPods emit EMFs whenever they are on – not just when you’re actively listening to music. Unless they are switched off completely, your wireless earbuds are sending out and receiving signals that are exposing you to low levels of radiation. The problem is that many people who use Bluetooth technology don’t know about this.

It’s become such an issue that a group of over 250 scientists drafted an appeal to the World Health Organization asking them to re-evaluate their guidelines on EMF exposure limits. Why? Because currently, tech companies don’t have to report EMF risks unless the radiation hits certain levels.


In order for Apple AirPods to connect and stream sound via Bluetooth, they have to emit radiofrequency radiation. That radiation is usually around 2.4 GHz per pod. Again, the issue isn’t necessarily high levels of EMF waves, it’s that you’re putting this powerful device inside your ear canal. Microwaves also emit radiation, but you are typically standing at least a couple of feet away. With Bluetooth earbuds, you are literally inserting the radiation into your body. Have you or a friend ever noticed that you get headaches when you have your wireless earbuds in for long periods of time? This is a potential side effect of the radiation being so close to your brain.

Plus, the more you are doing with your phone and AirPods, the more you will be exposed to radiation. Searching for WiFi, making phone calls, FaceTiming, and other activities will increase cellular transmissions and therefore increase the radiation. Because phones are larger, they emit more radiation than tiny AirPods do. However, because your phone is just touching the surface of your skin (we highly recommend using speakerphones when you can to lessen your exposure), you aren’t actually exposing yourself to that much radiation when making a call without AirPods. The same goes for a WiFi router that sits in some random corner of your house. You would never rest your head on a WiFi router, so, therefore, your exposure is far less with a device like that.

As we will talk about in the next section, there are several correlations between EMF exposure and serious damage to your health. At WaveBlock, we aren’t trying to tell you to never use Apple AirPods again. We just want you to be aware of the facts and do what you can to keep yourself safe. One way to do that is to make sure you turn off your earbuds unless you are actively using them. AirPods are an amazing piece of technology, but with their convenience comes some risks. 


While there is no research that specifically links AirPods to cancer, there is plenty of research about what exposure to EMF waves and radiation can do to men, women, and children. Here are just some health risks that people may experience with lengthy exposure to radiation:

  • Tumors
  • Abnormal Cell Functioning
  • Brain Cell Damage
  • Damage to DNA of Body Cells
  • Increased Growth of Leukemia Cells
  • Severe Headaches and Migraines
  • Dementia


In a digital age, the team at WaveBlock understands the need and excitement for current technology. We want you to be able to use these devices and use them safely. If you do own Apple AirPods, make sure to remove them from your ears when not in use or switch them off so that they aren’t transmitting or receiving signals. 


Another way to protect yourself is using our WaveBlock stickers. Our easy-to-use stickers serve as an EMF blocker to largely decrease the level of radiation coming from your wireless earbuds. Our lab reports show that our products can significantly reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to. We have stickers for both Apple AirPods and Apple AirPods Pro to help you use your favorite technology in a safer way. Our customers have noticed fewer headaches and love how convenient and simple our stickers are. Order a pair for you and your family members today!