8 ways to protect yourself from cell phone and earbud EMF radiation

8 ways to protect yourself from cell phone and earbud EMF radiation

In a highly digital age, men, women, and children of all ages are always searching for the latest and greatest gadgets. The next iPhone. The best wireless earbuds. The highest selling laptop. The problem is that many people don’t know that using these products can expose you to EMF radiation.

What is EMF radiation?


EMFs are electromagnetic fields that use radiation to make your wireless products communicate and function properly. 

There is growing research that shows wireless technology (especially those that use Bluetooth) emit harmful radiation to humans. This knowledge is widely hidden from consumers, and these EMF waves can cause damage to cells in the body.


Consistent EMF exposure may lead to issues such as sleep disruption, immune system problems, hormone issues, and potentially cancer. Sadly, many people are unaware that some of the world’s most popular gadgets are exposing you to radiation. Even if your cell phone never leaves your pocket, you are exposed to intermittent radiation. There truly is a need for cell phone radiation protection.

Our WaveBlock products that help block EMF waves are just one piece of the puzzle. Here are eight ways you can protect yourself from EMF radiation emitted by cell phones and wireless earbuds:


1. Use Airplane mode whenever possible: 
When your phone is in Airplane Mode, all wireless transmissions are disabled. There will still be some radiation coming from your phone, but the amount is significantly reduced when your phone isn’t trying to communicate with cell towers or find the internet. That’s because Airplane Mode disconnects your phone from WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular data. This prevents your phone from sending EMF waves to remain connected

Another bonus of Airplane Mode is that you will preserve battery and your devices can charge faster! When you aren’t actively using your device, using this mode is a great way to protect yourself

2. Use speaker phone or keep phone far from your face:
Holding your cell phone directly to your ear exposes your brain and salivary glands to EMF waves. This radiation exposure can lead to an increase in risk for cancer and other serious health issues. If you use speaker phone, you are moving the EMF waves farther away from your face. If you are in public and can’t put the phone on speaker, another option is to turn your phone's volume all the way up so that you can hold the phone a couple of inches from your ear. The further away you are from EMF waves, the better.

3. Sleep with your phone away from you

People usually charge their phones at night. The best thing you can do is plug your phone into an outlet that is far away from your bed or pillow. If you have to sleep with your phone near you, we recommend putting it on Airplane Mode for the night to help your phone avoid making unnecessary connections while you sleep. Similar to tip #3, the farther away you are from EMF waves given off by your cell phone, the better.

4. Avoid making calls when the signal is weak:
When your cell phone is searching hard to find reception, the phone will boost radiation frequency because it has to work hard to grab a signal. The harder your phone is working, the more radiation it will give off. You will be exposed to more EMF waves when you have low service, so these calls are even more of a risk than normal cell phone calls. 

5. Use Apple CarPlay when possible:
Apple CarPlay is a way for you to connect your phone to your vehicle. Most vehicles made after 2017 have Apple CarPlay or an equivalent Android connection. Because you are using the sound system in your car, your phone will never be touching your face. The sound from your phone is coming through your vehicle’s speakers. This is both a safer way to drive and a great way to block EMF exposure.

6. Limit app and location services usage:
When you aren’t using apps, make sure you shut them down. Most phone applications do background work if they are open, even if you aren’t using them at the moment. Closing down your apps when you are done with them prevents your phone from doing any extra background app refreshing or signal searching to keep your apps functioning. Another thing that cell phones do regularly is use “Location Services.” This is how apps like Maps and Weather track where you are. Your phone emits EMF waves when sending signals to find your location. An easy way to prevent this is turning off your cellular data or turning off location services for any apps.

Another tip here is to undo the automatic setting to have your phone always searching for Wi-Fi. Unless you turn this function off, your phone will always be searching for available WiFi networks. This is another reason your phone would give off EMF waves because it is constantly searching for WiFi. As much as you can, use Airplane Mode or turn off cellular data.

7. Get as much space from your devices as possible:
At WaveBlock we will never tell you to stop using cell phones or wireless earbuds. But, it is always a good idea to get your distance to lower your exposure rates. For example, some women will put their cell phone in their sports bras while running. This is a huge health concern. A study by the Environmental Health Trust found that women who keep their cell phones in their bras can more easily develop breast cancer

8. Buy EMF Radiation Protection Products:
Did you know that your cell phone and wireless earbuds emit radiation? This is why WaveBlock exists! After doing hours of research and testing in labs, we were able to create simple, easy-to-use stickers that attach to some of your favorite electronic devices. These stickers are lab tested and approved to significantly reduce harmful radiation coming from Bluetooth devices. We have WaveBlock products for Apple iPhones, Apple AirPods, and Skullcandy wireless earbuds. These one-time application stickers offer some of the best EMF protection you can get when using these products. We are continuing to work countless hours to provide EMF blocking stickers for more electronic brands and devices. 

At WaveBlock, we don’t want you to shy away from the technology you love. We want you to be able to use them safely thanks to our FCC-accredited-lab tested products. In order to explain the need for our EMF protection stickers, it is probably best to start with the issue in the first place.



Here at WaveBlock, we understand that going back to the days of not using cell phones, wireless earbuds, and other helpful technology just isn’t an option. That’s why WaveBlock has spent hours in the lab to create the best EMF protection products to help reduce the amount of radiation that comes off of Bluetooth products. We are here to educate you, do the research for you, and find simple ways to protect you. Our discreet stickers are proven to serve as an EMF shield. Whether you are a woman who uses her Apple AirPods to conduct business calls, a man who needs his cell phone close to get work done, you have a child who uses Apple AirPods to Zoom into classes during the pandemic, or anything else, our WaveBlock products are a great option for anyone looking to protect themselves from the harmful radiation emitted by Bluetooth devices.