WaveBlock™ Pro (Designed to work with Apple Airpod Pros™)

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Our innovative WaveBlock™ Protect Stickers are laboratory-tested to deflect EMF waves away from the brain, reducing the harmful effects of radiation exposure by more than 95%. Composed of high-quality, waterproof materials, WaveBlock™ has been laboratory tested and certified by TÜV SÜD (One one largest labs in the world) and field-tested to stay safely in place under extreme conditions and high activity levels, while also crafted for easy peel and stick application. WaveBlock™ Protect Stickers are sold as a pair. 

** Earbuds not included **

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Anxiety and Pods - correlation

My name is Dylan Rumley. My therapy office is in Palo Alto, California. I have been seeking, as many of us, for a product to assist the EMF waves, from ear pods, for myself and my youth clients.

I have personally had headaches after use of the ear pods for more than an hour. I remove them when my headaches begin then they abate within an hour.
I definitely believe relatable to the pods.

I realized yesterday that after a two hour Video conference session that I did not have a headache. The only shift was that I had placed the waveblock on my pods.

I have also given the waveblock to a couple of my young clients. They stated they felt less anxiety, than normal, during schoolwork. Is that a correlation, too? Many studies showing the negative effects, of EMF, with our children.
We must protect them.

I am grateful for this product coming to market! Thus far it is a WIN for myself and my clients.

Good product

Like the product

Not good

I have not got my AirPod yet

No signs of brain cancer yet

They fit good around the airpods pro. White is good color blends in. So far, no brain cancer. No health issues. Good product but obviously short term. Because if you update Airpods or lose them. You gonna have buy another pair of WaveBlocks. Most people don't use this type of product or even remotely think about the radiation so called would do to them. I do single question lets say someone does use this product and they encounter medical condition relating to brain cancer. How would you back this up? So there other different types of true wireless headphones, do they not omit off radiation or they built different than airPods?


I have not received them.