Is EMF Protection a SCAM? What do scientists say?

Is EMF Protection a SCAM? Are verifiable metrics available for products?

Is EMF Protection a SCAM? Are verifiable metrics available for products? 

Many companies selling EMF protection stickers make claims that have not been substantiated scientifically. Some products use pseudo-scientific language or rely on anecdotal evidence to promote their effectiveness. It's essential to be cautious about products that claim to provide protection without credible lab testing to back up their claims. The Biohacking community has long been aware of EMF's and has seen many products designed for their use. Orgonite and various crystals claim to have neutralizing affects on EMF's - but I've not yet seen any lab testing substantiating the efficacy of these products. And today there are a plethora of products that claim to protect consumers. But do they really work or are they just scams? 

Some people may acquire a home testing EMF kit to assert product claims. Home testing is much different than lab testing. Your home readings can be affected with interference from wifi routers, cell phones, lap tops and modems. Any of these could affect the reading. The labs used by WaveBlock are all certified and free of outside interference.

An independent lab engineer and EMF Expert, Eddie Hughes, has spent over 30 years in this field. He recently tested 5 popular Amazon products for their effectiveness. His results were astounding. (see video below). Only one product (WaveBlock) actually achieved a significant reduction in EMF exposure, while the others had minimal to negative effects on the user. Since not everyone has access to laboratory environments, to get an accurate reading, it’s important to request and study lab tests for verification of the product claims. 

WaveBlock, Quantum Shield, Shungite EMF Protection, 24 Karat Gold Anti Radiation, Dr Valerie Nelson and EMR Energy Protection were all tested in the same lab with the same laboratory conditions and on the same iPhone. Of all those, EMR had a slight reduction in EMFs, while WaveBlock had a SIGNIFICANT Reduction. The others had little to no positive effect, and some actually can increase the EMF's instead of reducing them. See what the world health organization says about EMF radiation.

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The bottom line - consumers should approach EMF claims with caution. Request laboratory test results. While acquiring products may give a sense of being protected, in reality those products may be scams, playing on your emotions. Products with integrity, like WaveBlock, will openly publish lab results and you can rest comfortably knowing your EMF products are working to protect you and your children.

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