WaveBlock™ Classic

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Our patented WaveBlock™ protection stickers are laboratory-tested to deflect EMF waves away from the brain, significantly reducing the harmful effects of radiation exposure. Composed of high-quality, waterproof materials, WaveBlock™ has been laboratory tested by TÜV SÜD and RF Exposure Lab and field-tested under extreme conditions and high activity levels, while also crafted for easy peel and stick application. WaveBlock™ Protect Stickers are sold as a pair.

  • Significantly shields the body from harmful EMF's
  • Accredited FCC Lab Tested Tested
  • Easy to apply with no interference
  • Compatible with 1st and 2nd generation AirPod Pros

For each WaveBlock™ sticker purchased, the WaveBlock Angel Foundation® donates a protective sticker to schools or organizations that work with kids. It’s our way of showing our commitment to protecting youth from harmful EMF’s.

** Earbuds not included **

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Customer Reviews

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Anna Harris
Great product

I have ear pods in most days and it seems to be helping with ringing in my ears.

Zarinah Tyndall
Not sure but reasonable price

It’s hard for me to tell whether or not something like is working or if it’s snake oil. Thankfully it’s reasonably priced. But I still like to try in hopes that I come across something beneficial. Only complaint is that the edges are peeling off and I’ve only had them on for about a month. Maybe I need clean/dry it well before application.

Not so good

Ever since I applied to wave block stickers, the reception has been spotty at best. My ear pods just cut on and off all the time. I’m a little disappointed in the product because it doesn’t work as well as I thought it would.


Super simple to apply and I can noticeably tell a difference in fewer headaches after wearing my AirPods for extended periods of time!

Amazing Customer Service for First Time Buyer

I ordered for the first time from wave block after being on the fence for a bit.

Our mailman made a mistake and mixed up packages and long story short, i didn't get my package from wave block but instead it was a gift for my neighbor's 1 year old.

I reached out to wave block and their customer service replaced my order no questions asked.

I have no doubt the product will work. But now i'm sold on their service.

Thank you for making this process hassle free for me.

Amazing protection!

I am a dancer so I love using EarPods to dance outdoors. I used to get a headache when I would wear my EarPods and a friend recommended Wave Blockers so I purchased and no longer get headaches from using EarPods!

Evelyn Mestas

WaveBlock™ Classic


The technology behind this simple solution is so impressive and I feel 100% more comfortable wearing my AirPods daily bc of it!

Nicole Martin
Amazing customer service

This was our second order and we will use them again. How fast, effectively and hassle free they handled a order mistake made me a life time customer.

Wonderful design, EXCELLENT Customer Service!

Theses are extremely easy to apply and the directions were simple to follow.
I bought some for myself, as well as 2 Christmas gifts. One of the gifts was the wrong style (needed the Pro), and these were returned for exchange. Several weeks after I mailed the return with the complimentary mailing label, I inquired if they had been received. They had not, BUT customer service was gracious and so kind to mail the correct Pro set to my son-in-law...without additional charge to me. My experience has re-established my faith in good customer service, which is difficult to find in these times. Thank you again, WavePro!