Does your Wifi and bluetooth give off damaging radiation?

Does your Wifi and bluetooth give off damaging radiation?

Are we trading our health for convenience?


We thrive on our enhanced electrical gadgets. The advancement of technology has been incredible. We communicate with people all over the world, stream videos, watch television and attend business meetings online. 

The ability to work at home - especially in this atmosphere of pandemic awareness - is not only convenient, but absolutely necessary to keep us in touch with our loved ones and allow our businesses to survive in a world full of uncertainty. It keeps us safe…or does it?


With the invention of bluetooth earbuds, the topic of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) radiation and the possibility of physical damage has been a rising concern. We hear horror stories of cancer, DNA modification and worse from keeping our cellphones to our ears - our earbuds actually inside our ears. And if these earbuds and cellphones are giving off EMF radiation, just how harmful is it?


If we are to maintain our health in a world full of gadgets and toys that may harm us, let’s get down to actual facts to dispel the myths, reveal actual danger and find out how to prevent harm from using these wonderful tools. 


First of all: what exactly is emf radiation and why are people concerned?

Electromagnetic fields make up two forms of energy - the electric field, which is the pressure or voltage used to push electrons and the magnetic field which happens as a result of the electric current moving through the wires - both together creating electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

There are two types of EMFs:

  • Non-ionizing: low-level radiation (ELF-EMF) which is generally perceived as harmless to humans (Microwaves, computers, house energy smart meters, Wifi Networks, Cell Phones, Bluetooth Devices, Power Lines, MRIs)

  • Ionizing: high-level radiation which has the potential for cellular and DNA damage (Sunlight/UV Rays, X-rays, Some Gamma Rays)

Why are people concerned about radiation from WiFi or bluetooth?

Our Skin Acts Like a Sponge

Earbuds have no chord to provide distance from the device being used and go directly into the ear canal, passing signals directly through your skin into the skull. Since our skin acts like a sponge, it absorbs electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) every time these signals are passed from side to side. Because of such close proximity to the brain and the length of time they are worn, (sometimes for hours at a time), the levels of exposure to this low form of radiation in your head increase.

What Does Medical Research Say About EMF?

On-going studies of how human skin acts as a sub-THz receiver and how the low EMF exposure affects us the longer we are exposed are showing that the health risks of absorbing EMF over time is cause for alarm. 

This has many of these independent study groups wanting to create more safety measures - even though some government agencies have downplayed these risks. 

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has been studying the adverse biological health effects of EMF radiation on the body for decades. This research has documented cases of genetic damage, reproductive defects, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, cancer and other serious health concerns. Other studies have made a connection between EMF radiation and cellular breakdown and interference in cellular communication.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has found that some non-ionizing EMFs in radio frequency range (group 2B) as possible human carcinogens, ie: cell phones, smart devices and tablets. 

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) - researchers feel that even though cell phones, WiFi and bluetooth may be classified among the lower EMF range - there is enough evidence that harm can come from long term, low-level exposure to this non-ionizing radiation. 

In another study for vocational training with workers exposed to EMPs (short bursts of electromagnetic energy - ELPs) it was noticed that long-term exposure can affect nerve activity in rats, which suggests that long term EMP exposure in humans may create symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease - but they also realize that more studies are need to be conclusive.

How does Wifi Affect the Growth of A Plant?

A science experiment was conducted by a group of students in Denmark, to determine the effect of WiFi on the growth of a plant. The students used a control group where a number of plants were placed in a room without WiFi - free of modems that emit WiFi.


The plants that were in the WiFi free room were free to grow as normal. The plants in the room with WiFi did not show any growth.


This experiment along with many other studies suggests that prolonged exposure to EMF radiation does, in fact, affect the cells of the organism close by. 

How Do I Know if I Have Been Exposed to EMF Radiation?

We are constantly surrounded by EMF exposure - our homes generally run on wifi, we always have our cell phones next to us, and some even have their ear buds on for at least 8 hours a day. How can we tell if we’re getting exposed to EMF radiation? Here are some possible symptoms:


  • Headaches 
  • Tremors
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of concentration
  • Sleep disturbance

Are Children Safe from EMF Radiation?

Research on the impact of EMF radiation on children suggests that because children’s brains and skulls are smaller and thinner than adult brains, they are believed to be much more absorbent—in fact, as much as three times more absorbent. This means, for children, EMF exposure and risks are even higher.

The same wifi or bluetooth technology that helps children learn can affect their development in a not so positive way:


  • Renal, or kidney development,
  • Sleep disturbance - in children (and adults).
  • Possible enhancement of ADHD or the focus of a child’s mind,
  • The ability to remember information and further cognitive abilities
  • Extreme exposure can be related to  diseases like asthma and even obesity.
  • Memory loss
  • Tremors
  • Dizziness

These problems have the ability to follow them into adulthood with a large impact on their adult lives. 


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How Can We Protect Ourselves?

Let’s look at some positive points to help protect ourselves, because, let’s face it…we love our gadgets - we need our devices, and just as technology has equipped us with these wonderful tools to use for a better life, technology has now found a way to take away the danger that may exist as well. 


  • Remember that the further away from a device, the smaller the exposure to EMFs. That can be 2 inches away from the microwave, 20 inches away from the television, and so forth. 
  • If wearing ear buds - remember that in order to protect from the EMFs at such a close range, WaveBlock has the technology to redirect those EMFs away from the skull.

If you want to use your earbuds…feel safer and live healthy. Get the protection you need for you and your family.