Boy wearing earbuds protected by WaveBlock Stickers


Let’s face it - we all want to stay up to date with the latest gadgets. We make room for the newest electronics as soon as they’re available and anticipate a higher quality of life because of them. We spend so much of our time surrounding ourselves by these high tech devices as they can make our day-to-day tasks easier and more productive. Here at WaveBlock, we choose not to turn away from the latest and greatest tech but instead dedicate ourselves to biohacking a defense against harmful radiation from EMF waves emitted from electronic products.

Life as we know it is ever-changing. We want to know what’s happening around the world. Our Bluetooth earbuds keep us connected as we parasail, skateboard or hike. We’re wired to Zoom meetings, and stay close to our tribe. We can't disconnect, but at the same time, we are concerned about our health. WaveBlock™ is the result of countless hours of design, development, and testing to give you protection as you do life. We tested the blocking power in multiple FCC-certified labs and discovered a significant reduction in the effects of harmful radiation.

Women working out wearing WaveBlock protected earbuds


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